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WHat Industry Experts & Customers Are Saying About Ride-4-Fun Products

 About our Ride-4-Fun HP GEM car motor:

  • Greetings. Just did an update on our 2002 E825. I put in the new Ride-4-Fun motor and got the reprogrammed controller in yesterday. All is running GREAT! I'm getting 40mph via GPS with the stock wheels. We are thrilled with our "new" GEM. I am thinking about displaying our GEM at an upcoming car show in October as a special interest vehicle. There is a lot of green minded people here in Santa Barbara, CA, If you send me information about your company, I will display it along with our car at the show. Thanks for your help transforming our GEM. Sincerely, David and Ann H. (Santa Barbara, California)

  • Thanks a lot Jim!! I got my reprogrammed controller Friday just like you said I would. Awesome is all I have to say. Your HP motor paired with your supercharger and the controller is a must for every Gem owner, they all should come stock with every Gem. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again. Cory H., (Marietta, Pennsylvania)

  • Hi, I just installed your Ride-4-Fun HP GEM car motor and the instructions were great – It was a very easy installation. Thanks Caleb H. (Napa, California)

  • In 2009 I purchased a GEM e2. Prior to purchasing, I was still undecided on whether or not to even buy one as I was apprehensive about driving a 25mph vehicle on 35mph roads. That was when I learned about Ride 4 Fun. I did a lot of research and learned even if i opted for the 7 hp factory motor option I wouldn’t get higher top speeds or faster acceleration. I soon learned the only way to do that was to turn to the aftermarket; and that Ride 4 Fun had a great reputation for high quality products. Ride 4 Fun worked with me to insure my GEM was tailored to suit my specific needs. The whole thing couldn’t have gone any more smoothly.

Now the good part… with an otherwise stock GEM, my GEM holds a steady 37 mph top speed without sacrificing range. Suffice it to say, I have no trouble keeping pace with traffic and I have no apprehension about driving my GEM all over town. More often than not, I find myself stuck behind slower drivers and traffic congestion. Ride 4 Fun has the upgrades, ready to ship. Great products, and a company that stands behind them, plus customer service that can’t be beat, what more could you want? One of my favorite things is that when you call Ride 4 Fun, a knowledgeable person answers; no obnoxious automated phone system that walks you through five menus before getting you to a human being. These guys make a GEM worth owning. Gabriel B, (Norman, OK)

About our Ride-4-Fun Tire & Wheel Package:

  • Jim/Bob, The install went smoothly with no problems! I test drove it late this afternoon and the ride and ease of steering are remarkable! Thanks, Chuck H. (Orlando, Florida)

  • Dear Ride-4-Fun, Just bought my second GEM – a 2005 and plan on setting it up just like my 2002 which has your tires and wheel package – I love them. Thanks, Thomas P. (lake Placid, New York)

  • Ride-4-Fun, I originally purchased your tire and wheel package to improve the braking distance on my Gem. I installed the new wheels and the motor you sent me and everything works great. I love the wheels, so much more stable, easier steering, and better handling (Bruce, A Rosewell Georgia).

About our Ride-4-Fun Full View Soft Doors:

  • Hello, I’ve been meaning to call or write just to tell you how thrilled we are with the full view doors. We were getting very little use out of our Gem because of the cool weather and the wind. Now we use it all the time. I also want to thank Jim for the time he spent on the phone with me, giving me some tips about installing the doors. It was a piece of cake. If any wants to talk to someone that has purchased and installed the doors don’t hesitate to give them my phone number. I’d be happy to give a testimonial. Ted Eastman (Sarasota Florida)

  • Hi, Thank you for your help on the phone with installing my new windows.....Success they were easy to install and they are wonderful :-) . Many thanx, Bunny R. (Allentown, Pennslyvania)

  • Hi – Just want to drop a note regarding our soft doors. It’s been a couple of months since we installed and them and all we can say is we are "Lovin Them"! Janet G. (Camarillo, CA)

  • Thank you, My dealer was right, you guys are great! Thanks for the advice, assistance and great products. Peter L. (Pheonix Az.)

About our Ride-4-Fun SuperCharger and Upgraded Charging Systems:

  • Guys, I just wanted to let you know I received my charger and it was a piece of cake to install and is working like a champ. The directions were very easy to follow. I may have spent 30 minutes tops on installing it. Thank you for a great product and the fast shipping. Craig D. (Castor Louisiana)

  • Ride-4-Fun, Over a year ago, I bought a "SuperCharger" and my old batteries are still going fine. I am sure that without the new charger, I would have had to purchase new batteries by now, Thank You. I also called regarding the warning #11 while going down the street. I followed your advice and sprayed contact cleaner on the contacts on the switch that "Snaps" when you press the accelerator. That solved the problem and it has not recurred since! It is a great service to be able to call and get "Real Advice" from "Real People" Thank You, Don C. (Green Valley, AZ).

  • Guys, just wanted to tell you that your online videos for removing my Zivan charger were most helpful, proving that a guy with two left thumbs can follow good instructions. The charger was out in ten minutes! Thanks, Rick K. (Kailua, Hawaii)

  • Jim, I got the Supercharger for my 2001 and it works great. Smooth installation and after only 2 charge cycles I can feel it putting life back into my old batteries. Thanks for all the battery information and will program the SuperCharger for off-season storage as you suggested. You’re the best! Bill H. (Ft, Myers, Florida)

  • Ride-4-Fun, I installed my Supercharger last night, GREAT INSTRUCTIONS THANK YOU !!!! Walter K. (Boise, Idaho).


As always, we welcome your feedback and appreciate your comments. If you ever have any GEM car questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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