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GEM CAR Frequently Asked Questions:

The most common "frequently asked questions" are answered here.  If you have additional questions, or are in need of further information, please contact us. A customer service specialist would be happy to assist you in providing all the information you need to make your Gem Car upgrade decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why can't I just use a Magnet to go faster?

All a magnet does is trick the controller into thinking the GEM car is going slower then the speed it's actually traveling - so in many model years it creates a way to by-pass the 25MPH speed limiter. The issue is, to actually go 30, 35, or 40MPH you need more horsepower, tourque, and higher RPM's. The stock motors in 1998-2015 GEM cars were not designed and built to reliably push a GEM car faster then 25MPH. The sock motors can not obtain or sustain the higher RPM's or handle the heat required for speeds over 30MPH.  With a magnet only solution, you may gain a couple of MPH, but even this small performance gain will not last, as you will eventually burn out the stock motor.

So for significant speed increases, you simply need more motor. At times a magnet is part of the solution when used with a high performance motor. For more information on how to make your GEM car go faster, don't hesitate to contact a Ride-4-Fun Speed Specialist.

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How far can I travel on a full charge with a  HP performance motor?

On a single charge, a Gem Car will operate anywhere from 25-30 miles, depending on the driving habits, road conditions, and charging procedures. The same factors hold true and will determine, your range with a HP motor installed in your Gem car.

Without any reprogramming, your  HP Gem car will experience faster acceleration, more power uphill and top-end enhancements with current controller settings. Under these conditions the same amount of battery power is delivered to the HP motor as a stock motor. Because the HP is more efficient than a stock motor it is able to produce more power with the same programmed delivery of battery power, resulting in an overall slightly higher mileage range than a stock configuration.


However, to get the most top-end performance from your  HP Gem, you will need reprogramming. Modifying your controller, through reprogramming, allows more battery power to be delivered to your  HP Motot which can generate higher RPM's through its higher horsepower output. This additional battery power delivered at higher speeds can affect your range by up to 10%. Once again, your results will vary depending on how you operate your vehicle. If you are planning on operating your Gem at top-end speeds for extended periods, you will experience some decrease in range. In this case we recommend you use 10% for planning and you'll be very satisfied with the range of your more powerful Gem.

The  HP Motor has been designed and tested to take more power input than a stock motor and therefore proper reprogramming will not affect its reliability. For this reason we include free reprogramming with the purchase of a new motor. When reprogramming a stock motor, extreme caution should be used. The stock motor is not designed to handle an increase in power input and it is quite easy to "cook" a stock motor.  

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How will handling be affected with tire & wheel packages?

The tire/wheel packages will substantially improve handling, while completely transforming the look of your Gem Car into a mean street machine. Ride-4-Fun packages have tires that are engineered as automobile tires, and are designed to provide car-like performance. They are also wider than stock tires and that difference adds to the performance handling, particularly at the higher speeds obtained with the HP motor.


The 14" wheel Paks handle so well you'll feel like you're in a road-hugging sports car.  Golf cart - like handling is replaced with sports car performance which is important for everyday comfort, handling and safety. This performance is critical as you consider other modifications that will increase speed.

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Is it difficult to install full view doors?

On the average it takes our customers about 2 hours  to install a set of Full View Ride-4-Fun Doors. The doors are installed with regular hand tools, and our kit supplies everything else you'll need. Many of our customers also take advantage of our technical support. They may call to discuss the installation prior to starting, and are comforted by the fact that we are only a phone call away should any questions arise.


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How will bigger tires effect performance?

Taller tires, as available in our tire & wheel packages, are a great way to increase top end performance with up to a 5 MPH increase in speed. If you looking for a reliable, moderate speed increase with the addition of superior handling and great looks, a tire & wheel package is the way to go. 


For real top end performance and increased reliability - add the  HP motor for a package that works well in all conditions and will dramatically transform your Gem.


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Can a STOCK 1998-2015 Gem Car be programmed to travel 35MPH?

Yes, but beware! In our test Gems we had them clocked at 35MPH with gearing and radical reprogramming. However this performance was short lived!


Radical reprogramming and or gearing will destroy your Gem Car. The motor and the controller CAN NOT take the increased load, higher temperatures, and increased RPMs. If reprogramming to achieve ultimate gem car performance sounds too good to be true, that's because it is not true. 


To achieve reliable, everyday, 30-40MPH plus cruising speeds in a 1998-2015 GEM Car, you must have more motor. A motor that can deliver higher horsepower, higher RPM and can run all day at higher temps. The stock motor, regardless of how it is programmed, can not operate reliably under highly reprogrammed conditions.

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Why won't a GEM car with the GEM 7HP motor go faster than 25 or Why can't the GEM 7HP be programmed?


Some newer models of the GEM car are offered with a 7HP motor option. Please note that the GEM 7HP motor does NOT provide any increase in speed, Only an increase in power or torque for heavier duty GEM applications. This motor can NOT be programmed to achieve faster speeds and is limited to 25MPH like all stock GEM cars.

The Ride-4-Fun HP motor is engineered to provide higher speeds in all GEM cars and in conjunction with Ride-4-Fun programming significantly higher speeds are obtained.

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When should I consider re-programming?


Re-programming should be considered when consulting with a Gem Car performance specialist in conjunction with other performance modifications. Your Gem Car was built to operate as a system, and all the components have been designed to operate under certain specifications. Once you change the operating characteristics of one component, others will be affected, very likely reducing reliability and safety.

Reprogramming is not a "one size fits all" modification, and certainly not something that you can purchase as an equipment rental over the Internet and expect reliable or desired results. 

We generally recommend reprogramming in conjunction with the installation of a high performance motor. The 7.5HP motor is built to take the increased loads and higher RPMs resulting from reprogramming. The stock motor is not built to handle radical or even moderate reprogramming, and it is highly recommended that you speak with a performance specialist before considering reprogramming a stock motor. The Ride-4-Fun specialists are always available to discuss your Gem driving needs.


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Can I use stock fenders with tire & wheel packages?

Yes, you can use stock fenders with all Ride-4-Fun tire & wheel packages - even with our big off-road tire package. In some cases, minor adjustments to the fender bracket will have to be performed. When ordering or considering a tire & wheel package, please speak with our product specialists who can let you know if you will need to make any adjustments. The Ride-4-Fun specialists are always available to discuss your Gem driving needs.


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Can I buy a replacement motor from Polaris?

Absolutely. You can always purchase a stock 5HP or 7HP motor from your Gem car dealer or the discontinued 5.5HP motor. However, you should consider upgrading to the Ride-4-Fun HP if you have burnt out your stock motor. Stock motors are designed to operate under specific driving conditions and provide reliability when used within this guidelines. If you have cooked a stock motor, chances are you need a stronger motor - one that will run at higher RPMs, handle increased loads, and withstand the heat. Replacing a cooked stock motor with another stock motor will usually result in eventual replacement failure for the same reason the original motor failed.


For less money than a stock motor, Ride-4-Fun can provide you with a high performance direct replacement that will outperform a stock motor in  reliability, acceleration, higher RPMs and the ability to withstand the harshest environments. 


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How difficult is it to install a new motor?

Motors are swapped with simple hand tools and the procedure can be completed in 25 minutes. The Ride-4-Fun motor is a direct replacement and will bolt-in exactly the same way in which a stock motor is installed. In the newer models, the position of the motor  makes the installation even easier. 


Please visit our Product Instructions Page to view a video of the installation. A Ride-4-Fun specialists is always available by phone to assist with any installation questions and to discuss your Gem driving needs. Please feel free to give us a call.

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How can my Gem Car be reprogrammed?

Reprogramming must be performed with an understanding of your driving needs. A Ride-4-Fun product specialist will work with you to reprogram your controller to meet your specific requirements. We will never perform programming with false promises, or institute changes that affect reliability. Our product specialists will work with you to assist in removal of your controller so it can be sent to us for custom reprogramming. We don't believe in do-it-yourself programming - we have seen too many "fried" motors and controllers.

If you are looking to achieve 35MPH on a stock Gem through reprogramming - stop now. You are heading down a dangerous road of false expectations and costly repairs. The Ride-4-Fun specialists are always available to discuss your Gem driving needs. Please feel free to give us a call.

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Can I reprogram my 2005 or newer Gem?


Yes,  Ride-4-Fun has made the investments in developing and testing new reprogramming equipment and can program any 1998-2015 GEM car.


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Is it difficult to install the "Durabracket" and Utility box?

The "Durabracket" system can be installed with normal hand tools in approximately 30 minutes. It bolts directly to existing mounts and is fitted directly to the Gem Car frame for unmatched strength.  The Ride-4-Fun specialists are always available to discuss your Gem driving needs. Please feel free to give us a call or to send us an e-mail.

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Why is the Ride-4-Fun  HP motor better than the stock motor or those offered by a competitor?

Electric motors have many ratings - not just HP. For comparative ratings you must use the rating of "X" hp for "X" amount of time. The stock Gem 5 hp motor has a H insulation which is good but, only rates out at 5 hp under a 30 minute load.  The Ride-4-Fun motor generates peak hp for 60 minutes, so it will generally handle 50% more load for twice the amount of time. It is capable of running at temperatures of 370°, where in our testing we have "fried" the Stock G.E. motor at 185°. In addition it has a rated rpm of 6,000 and will hold up to 7000 rpm where the stock motor is only rated at 4100 rpm.

When you purchase a motor from Ride-4-Fun you are buying it from a reputable, well established leader in the GEM Car community. From unconditional warranties and complete support, we know you value and experience the Ride-4-From difference.

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Is there a way to increase the speed of a 2016 or new GEM (40MPH)?

Yes, the speed of a 2016 or newer GEM can be increased to 35MPH - 42MPH with Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit. The high torque AC motors used in these late model GEM can easily support the gear change without significantly degrading acceleration or range. If you have a late model GEM, you should speak to a Ride-4-Fun representative to find the Speed Kit which is right for you.

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My GEM Speedometer reads 1/2 speed?

On some model GEM cars the speedometer will read 1/2 after installing a performance motor. If you have a 2006 or new GEM, Ride-4-Fun has a controller upgrade to restore you speedometer to an accurate reading.

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The Ride-4-Fun specialists are always available to discuss your Gem driving needs. Please feel free to give us a call or to send us an e-mail. 631-544-9572,

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