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GEM CAR CHARGERS for ALL 1998-2015 GEM Cars - Direct Replacement & Easy Install

High Performance GEM Car Charging Systems For All 1998-2015 GEM Cars
Whether your current charger is broken, you want to upgrade your charging performance, want to extend the life of your current batteries, switch to new style batteries, or Lithium batteries - we have the GEM Car charger for you.

The Ride-4-Fun SuperCharger is the most powerful, advanced, and well built battery charger available for GEM Cars. It is the only GEM Car charger that supports all production batteries, has a an industry best 3-year warranty, and the only charger which supports both Floating and Maintenance charging - That's right, whether you use your GEM daily/weekly or store it for 6 months, your GEM Car is ready to go with fully charged healthy batteries. GEM Car Batteries are an expensive investment, and the SuperCharger is the best way to get the most use from your batteries.

The speed, acceleration and MOST IMPORTANTLY RANGE of your GEM Car is directly effected by the condition and performance of your batteries. Constant "under-charging" and "single-cycle" charging, which is unavoidable with most stock charging systems, will degrade battery performance. Take a minute to see what recent Ride-4-Fun customers are saying about their GEM car charging systems.

Ride-4-Fun charging systems provide the most value in a direct replacement GEM Car charger - The 8 reasons why the Ride-4-Fun SuperCharger is the most popular GEM car charger used by GEM Car Fleets, GEM Car Dealers, Performance enthusiasts, and GEM Car owners around the world:

  1. Delivers up to 20% more charge than stock chargers.

  2. Fully programmable to support ANY battery set you can put into your GEM car (lead acid, Gel, AGM, Lithium, 130AMPH, 150AMPH, etc.)

  3. Batteries are maintained at full-charge for any length of time through selectable Floating & Maintenance options to match your usage.

  4. Extended range and battery life through battery charging "Curves" designed specifically for the GEM Car.

  5. 3 Year industry leading, no questions asked, full replacement warranty (Chargers from the factory only have a 30-day warranty).

  6. Almost half the cost of a charger purchased from the factory.

  7. Works with production Lithium battery packs.

  8. Full free technical support to assist with any installation or ANY Gem Car issue - easily replaces Zivan,  Delta-Q, QuiQ, Schott chargers.

SuperChargers out feature and out perform stock charging systems:

  • The SuperCharger is the only GEM Car charger which can be set in  FLOATING or MAINTENANCE charging modes. Its very important to have both modes as its typical for GEM to be used daily, then stored for months at a time. This usage requires a floating charge to keep batteries at 100% and ready for use - Then have a maintenance mode where the charger will automatically cycle as required without cooking the batteries. No more returning home to dead batteries, or having to manually cycle your charges - just plug-in nd leave it.

  • Fully select-able charging options - From the front panel easily switch between the options that best fit how you use your GEM car and the batteries that you have.

Ride-4-Fun SuperCharger - $639

SuperCharger is a direct replacement for all 1998-2015 GEM Cars - Quickly Replaces Zivan, Delta-Q, QuiQ & Schott chargers. For all Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, and production Lithium Batteries.

Order SuperCharger 

*Purchase Comes With Free GEM Car Technical
  Support  Hotline Access to Assist on Any Car
  Questions or Issues.

Ride-4-Fun SolutionRide-4-Fun custom charging systems are designed to:

  • Provide a full 130 amp hour charge to maximize your GEM battery power capacity - no more undercharging which is a leading cause of shortened battery life with stock chargers.

  • Provides a "Floating" charge that will keep batteries fully charged for daily and weekly use. 

  • Provides a "Maintenance" mode charge that will cycle the charger when batteries fall below 50% of charge - which is the optimal charge cycle for batteries stored for long periods of time.

  • Used for both Lead Acid ("wet"), GEL AGM, and Lithium batteries.

  • Extend battery life through GEM car specific charging "curves" that provide peak battery performance and maintenance of full charge.

  • Industry best technical support and installation guide make it a snap.

Special Charging Applications - Please call for special charging applications such as 20AMP, 220V, Fleet Quick Charge Stations, other applications.

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