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Ride-4-Fun, Your Source For GEM Car Batteries

Its never been easier or more affordable to convert your 2005 to 2015 GEM Car to Lithium Batteries. The benefits of a Ride-4-Fun Lithium pak include longer life, up to 50% more range, and less weight.

At Ride-4-Fun we've taken the guess and project work out of converting your 2005-2015 GEM Car to Lithium Batteries - The Ride-4-Fun Lithium battery pak was designed specifically for your GEM car, and backed by the number #1 provider of GEM Car parts and technical support.

GEM cars are unique in their power requirements. Lithium batteries, like standard batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and are built for 100's of applications. Choose the Lithium pak that was purposely built for your GEM car.  Lithium batteries made for solar systems, automotive applications and golf cart applications can have GEM car incompatibilities that will make the installation difficult and lack the features required for GEM Car reliability and performance.

Lithium Battery Pak
2005-2015 GEMs


IMG-2965 (1).jpg
2005-2015 GEM Car Lithium Battery Pack

Complete easy DIY install  lithium battery kit - includes everything to easily convert your 2005-2015 GEM car to lithium batteries. Up to 50% more range then stock lead or gel battery options. Provides 12-15 years of useful life with no maintenance.  This is a 72V/100amph kit that is 100% compatible with GEM controllers and electrical components - will not stress/damage controller or motor with out-of-specification voltages and works with stock GEL/AGM capable battery chargers. Range will vary based on speed and terrain, with customers seeing 30-40 mile ranges on a single charge.

Ride-4-Fun Lithium Paks are overbuilt for your safety and to ensure the longest lithium life possible. Ride-4-Fun 2005-2015 GEM Lithium Battery Pak Features include:

  • 12-15 Year Life - 2000 plus charging cycles - This is 4 to 5 times more charges then regular batteries that only have a life of 500 charging cycles. In addition, the Ride-4-Fun Lithium Pak can sit idle for years without degradation.

  • Up to 50% More Range - Provides nearly 100% of useful life on a charge - no "turtle mode" after 5-10 miles. Range will vary based on hills and speed, with customers experiencing 30-40 mile ranges.

  • 1/8" Thick Steel Housing - Extra heavy duty case overbuilt for your safety to resist dents or punctures.

  • Water Resistant Case - Will keep lithium cells dry, even in the wet/open GEM car battery storage areas - For longevity and safe operation only a water resistant case should be considered.

  • Internal BMS Components - The Battery Management System (BMS) components are internal and housed within the case - opposed to other lithium products with externally mounted BMS components, which are subject to environmental conditions.

  • User Friendly App for Precise Monitoring - Apple and Android app to monitor every aspect of battery status and history.

  • Up To 16 square Feet Of Fire Prevention Insulation - More Internal Insulation then other GEM Lithium paks - Industry leading 16 sq ft of Garolite Fire Board between cells and case for extreme safety and fire prevention.

  • Heavy Duty Fused Aluminum straps - Each cell is laser fused to heavy duty aluminum straps to ensure lithium pak integrity under all conditions - Cells will not move and cause safety or service issues.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Posts - High quality 3/8" Cooper Bussmann posts ensure the best possible electrical connection to your GEM.

Installation - 5 Easy DIY Steps
  • Remove existing batteries - Turn off main power switch. Remove rear fender, to provide battery access, and remove batteries. 


  • Install Ride-4-Fun Lithium Pak - Drop lithium battery into the middle battery tray area. If you have a pickup bed, slide lithium pak into battery tray from the underneath back of the car, and install the hold down straps.

  • Hook up battery cables - Remove the jumper cables between batteries as they are no longer needed. Hook up the existing positive and negative battery cables running from the front of the car to the lithium battery posts.

  • Charge battery - Turn on main battery switch and charge as normal

  • Re-Calibrate Fuel Gauge - With a full charge, Re=set the dashboard fuel gauge to complete the installation!

When you purchase a Ride-4-Fun battery package, you'll get free technical support that covers your entire GEM car.


We know that you may have pre-existing issues with your GEM, or will have technical questions during and after your installation -  Feel comfortable and confident with your battery investment knowing that we are always available on the phone to directly help with your lithium battery conversion or lead/Gel/AGM battery selection/installation.

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