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GEM Car Controller Services For All 1998 to 2015 GEM Cars
Rebuilding Your Controller or Purchasing a New Controller - Ride-4-Fun has you covered

Its just a fact, at some point, as a GEM Car owner you will need to service your controller - At Ride-4-Fun we provide the right service to help you easily diagnose, remove, repair or replace, re-program, install and warranty your GEM Car Controller. If your GEM car is experiencing erratic performance, producing error codes or not working, you may have a controller in need of repair or replacement. At Ride-4-Fun, we can help diagnose your problem with expert GEM tech guidance, and if (and only if) you need a GEM car part, we can provide you with what you need. We can even bench test your controller if we are not 100% sure it needs service.

Your GEM car has 3 critical systems that must work together to provide a reliable and well performing GEM car experience. These systems include the motor, the battery pack, and the GEM car controller. These 3 systems are all connected, with the controller in between a GEM car battery pack and the GEM car motor acting as the brain, much the way a computer would work on a car.

At Ride-4-Fun we can:

  • Bench test your controller to determine if it needs service before spending money on repairs.

  • Rebuild your controller to factory specifications, with a longer then factory warranty, at the fraction of the price of buying a new or used controller. If your controller is non-rebuildable, we can provide a new controller at an industry best price.

  • Reprogram your controller to get the most from your Ride-4-Fun Motor or other applications.

  • Modify your controller for accurate speedometer readings after you've performed high performance upgrades such as the Ride-4-Fun high performance motor on 2006 and newer GEM cars.

So, how does a controller Work:

It's a very simple concept - A GEM car controller is basically wired-in between the motor and the batteries and is responsible for delivering any driver designated amount of power to the motor. It will take readings from the accelerator pedal assembly and then determine how much of the battery power to deliver to the motor.

So, what causes a GEM Car controller to break:

A controller is under a tremendous amount of electrical stress. Your GEM Car batteries produce 72 volts and the controller "chops" the 72 volts thousands of times per second to create an average voltage somewhere between 0 and 72 volts, which is delivered to the motor. This constant stress, along with controller age and exposure to the elements contribute to potential failure (or erratic behavior) of the controller. 

Controller Rebuild - $649

Controller rebuild for All 1998-2015 GEM Cars

A core is required and must be sent to Ride-4-Fun to complete your order

Order Controller Rebuild

So, how do I know if my GEM car is experiencing a controller problem:

The symptoms of bad controller can vary and are not always easily detected by a GEM car owner. In general the following GEM car problems may be an indication of a controller problem:

  • Error Codes - Frequent occurrence of dashboard error codes.

  • Unreliable Performance - For example, the car will work fine for a mile, then stop with an error code.

  • Erratic Performance - For example, some days the car will only operate at very low speeds and display error codes.


Although these symptoms may not always be easily or definitively diagnosed by a GEM car owner, a Ride-4-Fun technician has the experience to quickly isolate and easily detect controller problems. Therefore it's recommended to contact Ride-4-Fun, and speak with our technicians who can help determine the root cause of your GEM car problem.


So, what are my options if I need to replace or repair my controller:


Replacing a controller can be costly and it must integrate with car specific settings and cable hook-ups, so it's important to understand your options when it needs to be replaced. The options can be to replace it with a new or used controller, or rebuild your existing controller.


The most costly option is buy a new controller, and matching up your specific controller and re-loading your controller settings can be an issue. Different models and years used different controller versions, and the program settings can vary from GEM car to GEM car. It's important to note that a controller is "Programmed" for each car and contains settings that are specific to a cars options, and these program setting must be maintained for proper GEM car performance, reliability, and safety - If you need to purchase a new controller, Ride-4-Fun has new controllers and configure them for your specific GEM.


Buying a used controller can be cheaper than buying a new controller, however you will have the same issues as buying a new controller. Matching your controller version and matching the programming options will be difficult to impossible - in addition, you will have no way of knowing if a used controller will work in your GEM.

If you have a rebuildable controller and can wait 2-3 weeks, rebuilding may be your best option - Otherwise a new controller may be the best option.


The Ride-4-Fun controller rebuilding service provides the following services for GEM car owners:

  • Phone support to help diagnose your GEM car issue - the last thing you want to do is to start guessing at a diagnosis and unnecessarily replace parts.

  • Rebuild of your existing controller - Your controller is rebuilt to ensure a 100% smooth installation and perfect operation in your GEM.

  • Restoration of existing controller setting - Ride-4-Fun will restore all your controller settings to guarantee your GEM is properly programmed. If you have custom settings, or would like to discuss custom performance settings, Ride-4-Fun can restore these or provide programming options with the rebuilding service.

  • Complete Rebuild - The entire controller is rebuilt and bench tested - That's why we can offer a 1-year, no questions asked warranty.

  • Assistance with controller removal and installation With direct GEM car technician services by phone and instructional videos, Ride-4-Fun will make sure everything goes as planned.

So, what does it cost to replace or repair a GEM car controller:

A new controller can cost $1,400-$1,800 and a used controller can cost $700 to $900, while a Ride-4-Fun rebuild costs only $599 (which includes a complete 100% rebuild, re-programming,  technical phone support, and warranty).


To discuss any controller issues or to purchase the rebuild service:

You can purchase the rebuild service online  or you can contact us with any questions. We can answer any GEM car questions, assist with diagnosing a problem and recommend options, including bench testing your controller

Controller Rebuild - $649

Controller rebuild for All 1998-2015 GEM Cars

A core is required and must be sent to Ride-4-Fun to complete your order

Order Controller Rebuild

New Controllers:

If you need a new controller, we have the models in stock for you 1998-2015 GEM car, and can custom program/configure to your specific GEM prior to shipping:

1998-2001.5 New Controller - $1499

New Controller for All 1998-2001.5 GEM Cars

Order New 98-2001.5 Controller

2001.5-2002 New Controller - $1499

New Controller for 2001.5-2004 GEM Cars

Order New 2001.5-04 Controller

2005-2015 New Controller - $1,499

New Controller for 04-15 GEM Cars

Order New 04-15 Controller

If You Have Any Questions:

As always, if you have any GEM Car questions call or email  Ride-4-Fun Product Specialist who can assist in all phases of configuration, ordering and product support - So please don't hesitate to contact us and let us put our GEM car experience to work for you.

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