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GEM Car Performance Kits For 2016-2024 GEM Cars

If your the proud owner of any 2016 or newer GEM Car model, Ride-4-Fun has your answer for increasing your speed. A faster GEM car is more fun, and can be safer when cruising with cars in 30-40 MPH zones (especially where drivers don't have a lot of consideration for 25MPH NEVs).

Depending upon your speed requirements, Ride-4-Fun has proven performance options for All 2016 and newer GEM Car owners.

Ride-4-Fun Speed Check
Stock GEM Car
23-25 MPH
W/Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit I
33-35 MPH
W/Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit II
42-44 MPH

Watch customer safely & quietly cruising in traffic at 40MPH!
100% Stock 2016 GEM 4-passenger with Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit

Quiet 40+ mph cruise through neighborhood
Stock 2016 GEM car with Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit

Performance Gear Kits For All 2016-2022 GEM Cars

In 2016 GEM cars switched from a DC to an AC motor. The AC motor used in late model GEM cars has plenty of extra torque/power to reliably provide substantially higher speeds without any harm to the engine.


The Ride-4-Fun Speed Kits, provides 2 Gear Set options with Gear Ratios that allow any GEM car model to easily cruise at up to 42MPH without sacrificing range and reliability. The Speed Kits include factory quality gear sets which can be easily installed by any Auto or Golf car mechanic.

Select Ride-4-Fun Speed Kit for your year and performance requirements

2016-2023 Speed Kit  I  33MPH - $699

2016-2023 Speed Kit  II 42MPH - $729

2024 Speed Kit  II  42MPH - $729

When ordering, please pick the kit that best matches your performance needs - And always call Ride-4-Fun if you have any questions. If you have a 2016, 2017, and with most 2018's, you may want to consider the Ride-4-Fun "Quiet Gear" sound deadening kit (see below).

Performance Gear Kits For All 2016-2109 GEM Cars
Quiet Gear Kit for 2016, 2017, and most 2018 GEM Cars

In 2016, 2017, and most 2018 models, GEMs had a drive train change that would result in excessive gear noise when increasing speed over 25 MPH.  To maintain stock sound levels and ensure a quiet/comfortable ride at all speeds (even  40+ MPH), Ride-4-Fun has an easily installed Quiet Gear Kit.


In 2019 the GEM car had engineering changes that remedied the drive train issue and 2019 and newer GEMS won't have an increase in noise when increasing the speed. However, if you have 2016 - 2018 GEM, we recommend The Ride-4-Fun Quiet Gear Kit accessory when purchasing either 2016+ Speed Kit (Speed Kit I or Speed Kit II). The Ride-4-Fun Quiet Gear Kit will maintain stock sound levels when increasing the speed.

2016-2018 Quiet GEAR KIT - $559

Maintains stock "quietness" in 2016-2018 GEM Cars When Increasing Speed

Order Quiet GEAR KIT

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