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Ride-4-Fun is Your Source For New, Used & Hard to Find GEM Car Parts

Whether your restoring an older GEM or just maintaining your current GEM ride, Ride-4-Fun can help you get the parts you need. Some parts, even new, are hard to locate or in short supply - Or in many cases, a used electrical, body part or GEM car accessory may be exactly what you need. Our parts warehouses are centrally located and we can quickly ship any where in the world.

Used GEM Car Parts

Electrical, body parts, accessories, what ever you need - Give us a call and we'll check our inventory. If we don't have it, we can help you locate.

GEM Parts Line - 631-275-6700

New GEM Car Parts

We have access to the largest inventory of new GEM car parts - so if your having trouble locating a part, give us a call.

GEM Parts Line - 631-275-6700

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