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Ride-4-Fun, Your Source For GEM Car Batteries

Whether you need battery advice, interested in new batteries for your GEM, or considering a Lithium upgrade, Ride-4-Fun has you covered with stock replacement & long life/range lithium options - Choosing the right Lead Acid, Gel or AGM battery  or converting to lithium has never been easier.

Battery choice and Battery health are the most important factors effecting GEM performance and its intended operation. In addition, they are likely the biggest investment you will make in your GEM car - so you want to get it right. As GEM Car experts, we know what batteries you need to make the right battery choices - we don't advise on or sell golf cart batteries or batteries for other applications - ONLY GEM Cars.

GEM Car - Stock battery replacements, all the way up to 75 mile per charge options.

When you purchase a Ride-4-Fun battery package, you'll get free technical support that covers your entire GEM car. We know that you may have pre-exsting issues with your GEM, or will have technical questions during and after your installation -  Feel comfortable and confident with your battery investment knowing that we are always available on the phone to directly help with your lithium battery conversion or lead/Gel/AGM battery selectiion/installation.


Because we are Ride-4-Fun, we are always here to directly support any warranty issues, and answer any questions - Always just a phone call away to assist.

GEM - 1998-2015 GEM Car Battery Packages:
GEM 98-15 Battery

6 Lead Acid - 150Ah Batteries

T1275 Equivelant Industry performance in high ouput and long life stock replacement batteries.


The perfect replacement for 1998-2015 Lead Acid GEM Car Applications

$375 shipping within contiguous U.S.


6 GEL/AGM - No Maintenance
115Ah Batteries

High Performance, long life, no maintenance GEM Car batteries.


Replaces stock GEL or AGM with latest GEL/AGM long life technology


Perfect for 1998-2015 GEM cars with GEL batteries, AGM or Lead Acid equiped GEMs converting over to no maintenance batteries.



$375 shipping within contigious U.S.

Lithium Battery Pack

Long Rang/Long Life Lithium Battery Pak

Complete easy 2-3 hour DIY install  lithium battery kit - includes everything to easily convert your 99-2015 GEM car to lithum batteries. 2X Range versus stock lead or gel battery options. Provides 12-15 years of usefull life with no maintenance.  This is a 72V/90amph kit that is 100% compatible with GEM controllers and electrical components - will not stress/damage controller or motor with out-of-specification voltages.


Not sure what battery is best for you, please call us at 631-275-6700
GEM Lead Acid/GEL Battery 2016-2023 GEM Car Battery Packages:
GEM 2016-2023 lead-AGM


Plus $375 for shipping within contiguous U.S.

4 Lead Acid - 150 Amph Batteries

20-25 Mile Range

T1275 Equivelant Industry performance in high ouput and long life stock replacement batteries. This battery kit is a direct replacement for 2016 and newer GEMs equiped with 4 Lead Acid batteries.


8 6V AGM - 220 Amph Batteries

20-35 Mile Range

Direct replacement for 8 battery configured 2016 and newer GEMs, and 4 Battery configured GEMs looking to upgrade to a longer range no maintenance battery option.


Plus $375 for shipping within contiguous U.S.

GEM 2016 Lithium Battery
GEM Lithium Battery 2016-2023 GEM Car Battery Packages:
Ride-4-Fun Ranger Lithium Kits are easy to install and are complete drop-in DIY kits. Designed exclusively for GEM Cars, with everything you need for a 100% complete installation - and 1-on-1 phone installation support is included and always available.
Designed to keep up with your performance and range requirements throughout the life of your GEM Car.
A Complete Kit - Upgrading To Lithium Has Never Been Easier:
  - Battery Pak that will fit right into your existing battery tray - no drilling, no modifications.
  - Charger that drops into place, and is 100% compatible with existing wiring.
  - Dash mounted fuel guage for accurate reading of remaining battery and charge level
  - Complete kit - no down time, no reprogramming - DIY ​and back on the road in 2-3 hours.
  - Phone support is always available to assist with installation.
The lithium battery kits that are being used by shuttle companies, rental fleets and resorts, are now available
Lithium  Ranger 120 Pak


Plus $375 for shipping within contiguous U.S.

120AmpH Litium Kit

20-25 Mile Range

Provides 20-25 mile average range over 10-15 years of battery life.

Entry level kit provides the long life of a lithium investment and caan be esily upgraded to 180AmpH and 240AmpH options as performance and range requirements change.

Call to Order.

Lithium  Ranger X 180 Pak

180AmpH Litium Kit

30-40 Mile Range

Provides 30-40 mile average range on stock GEMs, with 10-15 years of battery life. 

Great option for GEMs equiped with Ride-4-Fun Speed kits who require extra range while traveling at speeds of 32mph to 42mph.


Easily  upgraded to 240AmpH options as range requirements change. Call to Order


Plus $375 for shipping within contiguous U.S.

Lithium  Ranger XD 240 Pak

240AmpH Litium Kit
40-70 Mile Range

Provides 40-75 mile average range on stock GEMs, with 10-15 years of battery life. 

Great option for stock and Speed Kit equipped GEMs who require the most range possibe while traveling at stock 25PH speeds and Speed Kit equipped 32mph to 42mph speeds.

Call to Order.


Plus $375 for shipping within contiguous U.S.

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