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GEM Car Durabracket - Exclusively From Ride-4-Fun

Need to put your 1999-2004 Gem to work or just need extra carrying capacity?  Ride-4-Fun has the answer. Whether you are in the trade or just looking for heavy duty storage, the exclusive DuraBracket mounting hitch system, will safely carry your heaviest cargo in Ride-4-Fun style!

The Durabracket easily mounts to 1999-2004 GEM cars and provides a platform that offers the same carrying capacity as a utility bed.


With the DuraBracket you can easily mount any accessory to your GEM to satisfy any work or play needs

It starts with a Durabracket that attaches directly to the vehicle's frame.
The Durabracket system has been tested to 500 lbs!

Ride-4-Fun Durabracket system is unlike any other utility system available. The Ride-4-Fun system is capable of handling a much higher weight capacity due to the Durabracket mounting system  that attaches directly into the main frame of the vehicle, and not into the light-duty latch system that the manufacturer provides. The strength of the mounting system is perfect for carrying sporting equipment tools and will satisfy any commercial needs. In testing "Clip-in" box systems that attach to the light duty swivel packs mounts, it was discovered that they did not install as easily, nor could they withstand the required weight loads. 

The bracket system is so strong that a trailer hitch mount has been integrated so you can put a ball on, and tow your light duty trailers. There is no need to pay $200 or more for a hitch when Ride-4-Funincludes it, for free!

The bracket install easily on your 1999-2004 GEM and with the complete instruction kit, you'll have it installed in less than 30 minutes using everyday household tools. If you have any questions, concerns or comments,  Ride-4-Fun product specialists are available to assist you.

DuraBracket - Now available in bracket and hitch only configuration.

For any questions on DuraBracket applications, please call or email a Ride-4-Fun Product Specialist who can assist with ordering and product support.

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