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Welcome to the Ride-4-Fun "Hot Gems" Gallery - the showcase for customers to display their Gems to the world!  If you want to showcase your ride, email us your favorite Gem Car picture and we will add it to the site (please include "my Gem" in subject of the email).

"Hot Gems"

Worlds Number One Builder of Custom GEM Cars 

Innovation virtually pioneered the custom GEM car market with thousands of builds being enjoyed around the world. Their cars have been featured at the most prestigious cars shows like Barrett Jackson. At Ride-4-Fun we are proud to supply Innovation with performance accessories for the finest GEM builds you'll find anywhere. 

If you're in the market for a custom GEM or looking to sell a used GEM car, please call Dustin at Innovation.

Let Innovation build and service the GEM car of your dreams.

619-301-7232 -

Have your own
Ride-4-Fun Special Edition
We can help you!

All Ride-4-Fun Bolt-on Components or have one of dealers install:

  • HP Ride-4-Fun motor

  • Custom Programming

  • 35+MPH Performance

  • 14" Ride-4-Fun Sport Wheel Pak

call Jimmy at Ride-4-Fun (631-544-9572) for additional information

Nick's Custom GEM
Equipped with Ride-4-Fun

    4-Passenger GEM Car With:

  • Ride-4-Fun motor

  • Custom Programming

  • 35+MPH Performance

  • Custom paint & interior

  • 16" Ride-4-Fun Classic Wheel Pak

"Jim and Ride-4-Fun,  thanks for all your help"
 Nick T.


Car Show Winner - 2007 L.A. Car Show
Equipped by RIDE-4-FUN

"Ride-4-Fun, I'm sold on your expertise. The Raptor motor provides maximum performance. I live in a hilly area of L.A. and I am getting an extra 5 miles per charge with the upgraded charger. The whole package really makes a difference! 
Thanks, Ride-4-Fun"
Bob - Los Angeles, CA

Ride-4-Fun Equipped:
    - Raptor Motor and Programming
    - Upgraded High Performance charger
    - Euro Wheel & Tire Pak






"LiL Tugger"

Just another day at work for "Lil Tugger".
Designed and built by Ride-4-Fun
Wheelz of Celebration

  • 2002 2-Passenger GEM car

  • Ride-4-Fun High Torque Motor

  • Ride-4-Fun Durabracket, Box & Hitch

  • Full View Soft Doors

  • High-torque/high-speed programming

  • 35 MPH Cruise

  • Ride-4-Fun Performance charging system

  • 2,000 lb Towing Capacity

  • 14" Aluminum Tire/Wheel Pak

"We pass stock GEM cars with a GEM car in tow! Lil Tugger is the perfect around town work vehicle. We use it for all our local GEM car service pick-ups."


Specially Built by
For Arlen - St. Thomas V.I.
2002 GEM Short Bed

  • Ride-4-Fun HP Motor

  • Ride-4-Fun Reprogramming

  • Performance Charging System

  • 14" Alum Tire & Wheel Pak

"One Red Hot Short Bed"

Dan's 2002 4 Passenger GEM
with Ride-4-Fun Accessories

"The car now does 35 mph and handles great. Thank You Jim @ Ride4Fun"
Daniel in So. California

Ride-4-Fun Motor
Expert reprogramming
16" Tires & Wheels
High Performance Charging System

Ride-4-Fun bolt-on performance accessories transformed another GEM.
All in an afternoon! 

Ride-4-Fun Special Edition
Built to order - Click Here

  • New 2002 - never used

  • 14" tire & wheel pak

  • Raptor motor & program.

  • Full View - soft doors

  • Durabracket, hitch, & box

  • Upgraded charging sys.

  • Ride-4-Fun custom stripes




"Ready 4 Work-n-Play"
Terry - Sun City, California

  • 2005 - 2 Door Gem

  • 14" Ride-4-Fun Performance Rim & Tire Pak

  • Ride-4-Fun motor 

"It took me longer to unpack the RIDE-4-Fun motor than to install it. The installation was really a piece of cake!"

"I just got back from the doctor where I got a neck brace. I wasn't ready for the acceleration after installing the new motor and tires. I'll wear a "G" suit from now on"


"Mello Yellow"
Don - Charleston, South Carolina

  • 2002 - 2 Door Gem

  • 16" Ride-4-Fun Performance Rim & Tire Pak

  • Ride-4-Fun motor & programming

"I commute into town everyday. The extra power and handling are superb!. Thank you Ride-4-Fun for helping me dial-it-in with just one phone call"


"Family Fun"
Don - Ft. Myers, Florida

  • 2002 - 4 Door Gem

  • 16" Ride-4-Fun Sport Rim & Tire Pak

  • Ride-4-Fun motor & reprogramming

"The extra power and better handling has transformed my Gem into the 2nd family vehicle we needed."


Greg - Hampton Bays, New York

  • 2003 - 2 Door Gem

  • 14" Ride-4-Fun Sport Rim & Tire Pak

  • Ride-4-Fun motor

"I feel like a kid, I now have the hottest car at the beach. The extra power and better handling make this a perfect vehicle for around town"

Ride-4-Fun Gem Car Gallery

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