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Tired of 23-25MPH?
Had it with over-heating problems?
Sick of cars riding your bumper on 30MPH roads?
Need 40MPH while maintaining your range?
Want more speed with increased reliability?
Need a proven direct bolt-on performance boost?
Then Ride-4-Fun has your answer

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of the Ride-4-Fun Motor
product Sheet

 Purchase Your Ride-4-Fun HP Motor - $849


Ride-4-Fun is the leading expert in GEM Car Performance - Having sold and serviced more high performance Gem car motors worldwide than all other GEM car suppliers combined. We have the experience and know how to get your GEM working right and tuned for performance. The performance of your Ride-4-Fun powered GEM Car is further enhanced with expert Re-Programming. We can Re-Program ANY GEM Car and are the only programming source covering all GEM cars, achieving continuous peak 6,000 RPM performance, with awesome torque and top-end speed. Contact us today to speak with a Gem car performance specialist to learn how easy it is to transform your GEM Car into a mean street machine that's incredibly fun to drive. Take a minute to see what recent Ride-4-Fun customers are saying about their GEM car motors.

The Ride-4-Fun GEM car motor  makes all other motor obsolete and is direct replacement motor for all 2, 4, and 6 passenger GEM cars. Offering 25% higher RPMs, 20% more power, 30% more torque, and higher reliability backed by an unconditional warranty, while redefining GEM car Performance.

Experience the Ride-4-Fun difference � an overbuilt GEM car motor that can sustain speeds of 40MPH; all day, in any environment, in any application. Don't be fooled by false peak horse power claims, which mean nothing. To cruise all day at 35MPH to 40MPH, you need continuous horse power, and the Ride-4-Fun delivers more power than any other motor..

Here�s how the Ride-4-Fun motor stacks up:

  • Patented design delivers more power, generates more torque, increases brush life, and reduces heat which results in higher speeds, quicker acceleration, and increased reliability/motor life.

  • Highest quality steel components and innovative design allow the motor to operate with peak performance under the most extreme heat conditions  - You simply can�t cook a Ride-4-Fun Motor.

  • The Ride-4-Fun was built from the ground up as a high performance GEM car motor � built to high performance specifications. The Ride-4-Fun is NOT a pumped up golf cart motor, or a modified NEV motor. Its on purpose design, means that you have the highest performing and most reliable GEM car motor that can purchased.

  • Each Ride-4-Fun is fully bench tested, dyno-ed, and premium packed. You�re guaranteed the motor you expect � ready to perform, ready to enjoy, with the peace of mind you made the right investment in your GEM car.


  • 6,000 RPM Sustained Operation Rated, with up 7,000 RPM operation (25% higher than other performance motors, and 50% higher than stock motors).

Gem Car Performance 101: The stock motor in a Gem Car is fine for 23-25mph - yes even the new 7HP GEM motor will ONLY go 25HPH. They were NOT designed to be used with radical controller programming or under extreme conditions. They operate within a limited temperature range and ANY attempts to achieve consistent 40mph performance through gearing or excessive programming WILL result in heat related motor failure. See our Gem Car frequently asked questions for the real line on Gem Car performance.

Simply Stated - You Need More Motor: The Ride-4-Fun  motor is the highest performaning motor available for Gem Cars and has been designed specifically for drivers that require additional speed, acceleration, and power while enhancing operating reliability. The motor is ventilated and can withstand operating temperatures of over 370, while a stock motor will cook at 185. In addition it has a rated rpm of 6,000  while the stock motor is only capable of 4,100 rpm.

Increased Reliability: The Ride-4-Fun motor has been installed and tested in the most extreme applications. This is the only motor of choice for rental fleets, municipalities, commercial operators and police departments. We are so confident that you'll be impressed by its performance that we offer an unconditional 1-year warranty and return policy.

Easy To Install, Direct-Bolt-on: As a direct bolt-on for all Gem Cars, this motor can replace a stock 3.5, 5, and 7hp motors in less than 30 minutes. Of course if you ever need assistance, Ride-4-Fun technical phone support is always available to assist. Check out our video installation library to see how easy it is to install a RIde-4-Fun performance replacement motor.

Designed Specifically For Top-End & High Torque Performance: The stock Gem 5hp motor only rates out at 5 hp for a 30 minute load, the Ride-4-Fun HP motor generates 50% more power for 60 minutes, so it will handle over 50% more load for twice the amount of time.

Re-Programming Services: To get the most from your Ride-4-Fun HP motor, you can take advantage of our Re-Programming services. Ride-4-Fun is the only company setup to Re-Program ALL GEM car makes and models - including 05' and newer GEM's! We've done the research and testing to increase performance and reliability. We even have a service to allow for accurate speedometer calibration on lat model GEM cars.

RIde-4-Fun High Performance Controllers: For the ultimate in Ride-4-Fun performance, we now offer high performance GEM Car Controllers. These OEM-GE controllers are identical in form to your stock controller,  however they have been hand built with Ride-4-Fun components to output 45% more power than a stock controller - 45% more power output, means your Ride-4-Fun equipped GEM will deliver incredible hole-shot performance, harder pulling mid-range, and top speeds in excess of 40MPH! As the final stage in GEM Car performance, this upgrade is intended only for those seeking the ultimate in performance. Please note a waiver and working core is required at time of order.


Ride-4-Fun Speed Check


 Top-End Speed 

Stock Gem

23-25 MPH

Stage I Performance

With Ride-4-Fun Motor

38-40 MPH

Ride-4-Fun Motor w/14" Performance tires 

40-42 MPH

Stage II Performance

Ride-4-Fun Motor w/Ride-4-Fun Controller


*for peak performance applications with customer supplied working core & waiver


Here's how it works - Stage I Performance:                       Purchase Your Ride-4-Fun Motor - $849

      • Purchase the RIde-4-Fun High Performance GEM Car Motor
      • Install your new motor & remove your controller (follow our instructional videos and Ride-4-Fun technical phone support can help).
      • Send your controller to Ride-4-Fun for performance reprogramming (included in price).
      • Install controller and hold-on for awesome speed!


The Ultimate in Performance - Stage II Performance:

Remember "Life's too short", ride-4-fun, because it really is fun. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email a Ride-4-Fun product specialist.

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