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Custom Desinger GEM Car Floor Mats

Direct replacement GEM car charger for all GEM cars.

All GEM Models 1998-2015


Specifically designed motor and speed kits for up to 40 MPH GEM car performance.


Tire, wheel paks, door kits and accessories to add comfort and all around GEM car performance.

Need Batteries? Ride-4-Fun Has You Covered - Lead Acid, GEL, & Lithium Batteries - Lift Kits, High Performance Motors, Street & Off Road Tire Options For All GEM Cars

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What's New At Ride-4-Fun

Whats new at Ride-4-Fun


GEM Car Controller Service for ALL GEMs


Product Reviews By GEM Car Industry Experts & Customers


GEM Car FAQs - Addressing the most common GEM issues


GEM Car Blog With Helpful GEM Car Tips & Tricks


New Performance Speed Kits for 2016-2021 GEM Cars

About Ride-4-Fun

At Ride-4-Fun we enjoy helping GEM Car owners get the most fun and service from their GEM Cars. The Ride-4-Fun product line has been designed and engineered to make GEM cars more reliable, safer, more economical, faster, more comfortable and just more enjoyable! As part of this dedication to the GEM car community, we provide industry best technical support, free by phone, to answer ANY GEM car question.

The Ride-4-Fun Difference

Ride-4-Fun is a worldwide supplier of the most frequently needed GEM Car components - Whether a stock or performance component is needed, Ride-4-Fun has the products and know how to assist. All GEM Car parts, Including Motors, Door Systems, Tire & Wheel Paks, Chargers, Controllers   lift kits, batteries,  and off-road tire paks tare backed by unconditional warranties that exceed factory warranties - and of course we are always available by phone to answer any questions.

Call for FREE Expert Advice

Did You Know?

About Ride-4-Fun

GEM Cars are driven everyday - for work, and for play - all year round! There's no substitute for this incredible experience.  Products designed here lead the industry in quality, price. and support/warranty. The only products offered by Ride-4-Fun are ones that have been tested under extreme conditions and that will guarantee your full GEM Car driving enjoyment.  Whether your looking for GEM Car Chargers, GEM car doors, GEM car motors, GEM car Controllers, Gem Car reprogramming, GEM car tires & wheels, or GEM accessories... Our team of highly skilled and trained engineers has spent thousands of hours designing, developing, and testing the products that will provide you with the ultimate in an electric vehicle riding experience.


Your GEM Car is a system of many components, engineered to operate to certain specifications. Modifying it to meet your requirements, (for example; faster speeds, quicker acceleration, powerful hill climbs, better handling, all weather driving,  street styling, etc.), must be performed with care and balance. That's why unlimited technical support is offered with all the products sold here. The systematic approach found at Ride-4-Fun,  for example, dialing-in your performance, is unique in the industry, and something all customers directly benefit from. With Ride-4-Fun you won't make any costly mistakes.


Time and care is taken with each customer to ensure that reliability and safety are never compromised, while all phases of performance are being enhanced. After all, what good is reprogramming that burns out your motor, gearing that destroys your transaxle, or products and advice that reduce reliability or jeopardize your safety? No hype, no costly mistakes that you will pay for down the road, industry experts achieving real results is what you will find here.


The finest products are offered with a no hassle warranty policy. It is highly unlikely that you will ever need to return or replace your Ride-4-Fun components. However you can rest assured that all Ride-4-Fun products are backed "Best-in-industry" service, unconditional warranties, as well as hassle free replacement and refund polices. 

We welcome you to Ride-4-Fun and thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our line of GEM Car Doors, GEM Car Motors, GEM Car, Reprogramming, GEM Car Controllers, GEM Car Tires, GEM Car Wheels, GEM Car Accessories.


Thank you.

Ride-4-Fun  - #1 Source for Gem Car Tech Support, Gem car Doors, Gem Car Motors,  Gem Car Programming, Gem Car Tires & Wheels, Gem Car Accessories.

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